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Why is Cambridge Muslim College’s work so important?

Ramadan Appeal 2017

Diploma in Leadership: Tackling challenges by developing local Muslim leadership

Cambridge Muslim College has been running a one-year Diploma in Contextual Islamic Studies & Leadership for the past eight years in order to enhance Muslim leadership in local communities to tackle the many challenges our communities face. Our alumni have returned to their communities to work in mosques, schools, hospitals and prisons as imams, teachers and chaplains. See a recent interview with alumnus Shaykh Saleem Seedat, an imam and chaplain in Blackburn.

Ramadan Appeal 2017

BA(Hons) in Contextual Islamic Studies: Training the next generation of thinkers

In 2016, Cambridge Muslim College launched a BA (Hons) in Islamic Studies. Its degree status is subject to validation by an external university. This exciting degree combines the traditional sciences of fiqh, tafseer, hadith with a real understanding of where Muslims are in the modern context. We have recruited three lecturers in Islamic Studies to teach on the programme. The first cohort will begin their studies in Cambridge in September 2017.

Ramadan Appeal 2017

Finding authentic and relevant answers

The College provides research opportunities for talented academics in bioethics, law, education, physics and a wide range of other academic fields. This original research is essential for developing authentic and relevant answers to the problems facing the modern world.

A vision for the future

Cambridge Muslim College is increasing the number of courses and programmes open to the general public, and has plans to provide online access to its programmes. As well as consolidating and expanding its teaching and research activities, the College is also developing architectural plans to build an exciting new centre on nearby land, which will make us a truly global centre of Islamic excellence.

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Cambridge Muslim College is registered with the Fundraising Regulator to demonstrate its commitment to best fundraising practice.

Cambridge Muslim College is a registered charity in the UK (no. 1137219) and receives no government funding. We are reliant upon the good will of our donors. With your support, Cambridge Muslim College can become a global centre of Islamic excellence that we can all be proud of.

Our need is urgent, with long-term benefits for Muslims and society as a whole, in Britain and beyond. Only with wise, humane and inspired leadership can we continue to manifest the beauty that Islam has offered throughout its history.

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