Ramadan Fundraising Update

This Ramadan, Cambridge Muslim College launched a fundraising campaign to raise £100,000.

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of many our supporters, both from the UK and beyond, we have met our goal by raising over £100,000! The College has grown in recent years with a yearly expenditure of over £500,000, so these campaign funds give us a much-needed financial boost for the next academic year.

The College’s three main areas of spending are: teaching, student support* and site development. From its one-year Diploma programme which trains future religious leaders, the College has graduated almost 100 students. Many of these graduates have now returned to their communities working as imams, teachers and chaplains. Last year, we also launched a Four-Year Programme in Contextual Islamic Studies; its B.A. status is subject to validation with an external university. Our first cohort will start at the College this September, and we have made good progress with the validation.

The College also owns a small building in the centre of Cambridge with some surrounding land, which we cannot develop at the moment due to the lack of funding. We hope to be able to commence development within the next few years to build a new library, an auditorium and more teaching space. Developing this site is crucial to our plans to grow as a global centre of Islamic excellence that we can all be proud of.

Your support is an investment in our work which we are convinced will benefit generations to come. For this, we pray that Allah accepts your donation as sadaqah jaariyah.

Thank you for making our 2017 Ramadan campaign a success!

*Zakat donations are used only to support students who are eligible to receive zakat.