As the College students prepare for their annual visit to the Vatican with our Tübingen partners, we are delighted to receive a copy of Ralf Wüstenberg’s new book Islam ist Hingabe (Islam is Devotion: A Journey to the Interior of a Religion), published by Gütersloher Verlag (2016).

383_08234_169307_xxlWüstenberg, director of the Theological Institute at Flensburg University, spent time at CMC in 2014-15, engaging with staff, fellows and students.

This is the cover blurb of his book:

At the Cambridge Muslim College, Ralf K. Wüstenberg encounters an Islam that does not fit at all with the image of the ‘dark religion’. He meets Muslims of seriousness and devotion. Are they, in faith, in God’s image, and in understanding the world, not so far from Christians? In the work of Arabic theologian and mystic al-Ghazali, Wüstenberg finds a companion in Islam’s interior. He discovers that Islam is startlingly close in many respects to the ideas of the Protestant reformers. Food for thought for a deeper dialogue between the religions.