cost of the Diploma is £2,500 for the year, to cover tution fees.  Additionally, students will require approximately £260 per month to cover their maintenance costs (travel, food and books).  However, there are no accommodation costs or utility bills to the students, as these are covered by the College.

All successful students are offered either a Partial Scholarship or a Full Scholarship for the programme.

Partial Scholarship

Those on a partial scholarship pay tuition fees, of £2,500 for the year.  These can be paid in full at the beginning of the year or in three equal installments at the beginning of each term.  These students will also cover their maintenance costs, which are calculated at approximately £260 per month.

Full Scholarship

Up to 10 full scholarships are awarded each year.  Those on a full scholarship do not pay tuition fees, and receive a monthly stipend from the College of £260 per month to cover maintenance costs.